About Us

At Funeral Apparel, we believe in pushing the limits. We believe in taking risks. We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in turning heads, causing a disturbance, and doing what it takes to get noticed.

 We believe that personal style and fashion is one of the most powerful forms of self-expression.  

Since opening our doors in 2020, we have remained committed to delivering high-end streetwear and grunge inspired products at an affordable price. Located in our headquarters based in Los Angeles, California, Funeral Apparel offers premium, luxury designs that align with our values, are meticulously made, and offer maximum style.

By carefully blending classic streetwear with modern design, each product we offer truly stands out from the rest. No matter the direction, we embrace the importance of being original in everything we do. Infusing grunge attitude with a modern twist, we set ourselves apart in the world of streetwear fashion.